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Successful exhibition for Gorter Hatches in New Zealand
IMAGE Gorter Hatches Australasia returns from an incredibly successful trade show – Build NZ in Christchurch. Paul and Dean spent three days exhibiting... Read More...

Gorter specialises in access to roofs, through floors, walls and ceilings.
Roof hatches and floor doors only give complete and demonstrable safe access if combined with Gorter stairs or ladders.
Our product range consists of  roof hatches, floor doors, ladders, attic ladders/retractable stairs, fixed stairs, wall doors, ceiling doors and accessories.

Roof hatches Wall and ceiling doors


Gorter® roof hatches provide safe and easy access to flat roofs, need minor space and offer a simple and low cost solution. Gorter® wall and ceiling doors give practical and inconspicuous access to ducts, cable shafts and spaces for service and repair.
Explosion vents Ladders, fixed and retractable stairs
Explosion-vents Ladders-and-stairs
The ATEX regulations might require to provide a building with explosion venting. Gorter supplies explosion vents for facades and  roofs. Gorter® combinations - roof hatches or floor doors with matching ladders, retractable stairs or fixed stairs - are certified  according to European Standards and demonstrably safe.
Floor doors - hinged Floor doors - detachable cover
Floor-doors-hinged Floor-doors-detachable-cover
Gorter® floor doors provide safe and easy access to underground spaces, cellars, technical service  and parkings areas. Floor doors are often applied in emergency routes. Gorter® floor doors with detachable cover offer an economically convenient solution in situations of infrequent use and in applications of minor sizes.