Gorter supplies ultra-insulated roof hatches for Colruyt supermarkets in Belgium and France. The use of these roof hatches and the subsequent energy savings fit in well with the energy-neutral vision of the supermarkets.


It has been known for more than 30 years how to construct an energy-neutral new building, but contractors are still building structures where the heat simply leaks away. They are aware of this at Colruyt supermarkets. This has led, among other things, to the selection of extremely durable building materials and structures that now enable Colruyt to be energy-neutral.


Gorter supplies ultra-insulated roof hatchesSelecting a durable roof-access solution

When it comes to overall roof insulation, consideration needs to be given to the items located in the roof. There is a need in many buildings to integrate roof access in the form of a roof hatch, for example. These are not only a practical way of accessing the roof, but avoid the undesirable and unsafe use of wall ladders. Given that the roof hatch is also a determining factor for the overall insulation of the roof, Colruyt conducted an in-depth study into the different options. The Gorter roof hatch with a fully thermally broken construction was chosen. This roof hatch offers a proven insulation value of Uw ≤ 0,319 W/(m².K), for both the cover and the curb.


Special sizes for Colruyt and ultra-insulation

Gorter created a special roof hatch version for Colruyt measuring 700 x 1,500 mm with a half cylinder lock. In addition to a fully thermally broken structure, this means no heat transfer is possible via the lock and the lock opening. With this feature, the unit can really be termed an “ultra-insulating roof hatch”.


Roof hatches with CE mark

The performance of Gorter roof hatches, including in the area of insulation and maximum load capacity, are described briefly in a European Technical Assessment (ETA) document. According to the new regulations, this is an undisputed basis for proven performance and the CE mark. In addition to the CE mark for its uncompromising quality, Gorter will continue to maintain its TÜV NORD, Aboma and KOMO certification.