Standard Electrical operation - GT35

electrical operation gt35The Gorter GT35 electrical operation is a solution, which can be fitted on any standard Gorter RHT roof hatch or floor door of the type WA, WAPT and OP. The two powerful electric motors are always fitted as a pair on both sides of the lid. The motors are pre-fitted from the factory or can be fitted afterwards on any standard RHT roof hatch from model year 2012 and later.


Suitable for

  • Roof hatches type RHT standard
  • Hinged Floor doors type WA (flush), WAPT and OP


Operation and control 230Vac

The Gorter GT35 is a system with two motors and a control unit. The system comes standard with a wireless remote control and a compact control panel. The keypad connected with signal cable can be installed remote from control unit.


Control unit: 265 x 105 x 40 mm

Keypad: +/- 70 x 50 x 10 mm

Length of signal/power cable motors: 2 m

Electrical installation:

The drives and the wiring must be installed by a certified installer


Operation for a hatch with double lids


Depending on the access door type, the weight of the cover and the application, we can install one or more gear rack drives. These drives are available in 24 Vdc or 230 Vac.
Operation and control 230Vac

This is the simplest system with 1 motor. It can be operated with an integrated or surface-mounted switch, not included.
Operation and control 24Vdc
Operation of one or more drives is controlled by a control box with rectifier that is connected to the electricity network.

  • Communication with central alarm system, possibly combined with emergency switch
  • Programmable
  • Operation control of other objects
  • Control by automatic detectors - smoke, rain, wind, fire etc.
  • Automatic sequence control of two covers that are overlapping
  • Automatic stop in case of unequal load or overload
  • etc.

Depending on the features we will recommend a suitable control box type.
Emergency hatches and doors:
It is of life importance that an emergency door opens after a break down of the electrical system. For those reasons a control box can be provided with a built-in emergency power pack.
Electrical installation:

The drives and the wiring must be installed by a certified installer.