Gorter vertical aluminium ladders, wall ladders or cage ladders are tailor-made and have a landing/transition platform for heights of more than 10 metres. Vertical ladders above 2,999 mm are supplied with a safety cage as standard.


Suitable for use with roof hatch

Gorter vertical ladders / wall ladders can be combined with a Gorter RHT aluminium roof hatch with a minimum opening of 1000 x 1000 mm (RHT1010).


Transition platforms

If a vertical or cage ladder is placed against an outside wall, there should be a safe landing on the roof. This implies, among other things, that the cage and ladder uprights are extended by 1,100 mm. Gorter will be pleased to provide advice on the implementation and can create safe transition platforms where necessary.


Construction and safety

The construction of the aluminium ladders and the material used guarantee a high level of stability and long-term safe usage. Vertical / cage ladders are manufactured in accordance with EN-ISO 14122-3-4.


You can contact Gorter for further information on customised vertical ladders.


New generation Gorter RHT roof hatch

The new generation RHT roof hatches feature an extremely strong and patented construction. Thanks to several modifications, the roof hatch is even more resistant against unexpected extreme loads, both during construction and in general use.


Improved features and functionalities of the indestructible and sustainable RHT roof hatch:

  • Made and Designed in Holland
  • New and improved, patented indestructible construction
  • Trusted, with CE(ETA) certification
  • Fully standardised to metric dimensioning


Gorter vertical, wall or cage ladders:

  • Made aluminium, customised

  • In accordance with EN-ISO 14122-3-4
  • Outdoor emergency ladders with max. height of 2999 mm; if taller, a cage ladder is required

  • With handrails for heights > 10 metres
  • Landing / platform with anti-slip grating treads
  • Including wall brackets
  • 10-year warranty on the roof hatch, 1 year on climbing devices