Gorter® supplies a complete access solution for access to roof, floor, wall and ceiling spaces. Gorter specializes in Roof hatch with a ladder or stair combination for safe, durable and convenient access to roof spaces. Gorter is the worldwide specialist in roof, floor, wall and ceiling access solutions. 

In addition Gorter also specializes in custom and standard floor hatches, wall doors, ceiling hatches, fire rated access hatches, scissor stair attic ladders, safety hook on ladder and explosion relief hatches. 

Included advantages:

  • Gorter® roof hatch safe accessAluminium roof hatches are CE (ETA-15/0338) certified
  • Roof hatches with an unmatched insulation value of; curb: U = 0.227 W/(m².K); Rc = 4.41(m².K)/W and cover: U = 0.221 W/(m².K); Rc = 4.52 (m².K)/W. This far exceeds the insulation value of any other roof hatch supplier!
  • Gorter is ISO 9001 certified
  • Roof hatches and access combinations with a ladder or stair are the only access solutions available on the market that are certified for safety by the TÜV Nord and Aboma® qualified and licensed safety approval institutions
  • Products comply to the very stringent EN norms, and where possible to Australian and NZ standards
  • Gorter has over 15 years of experience in safe access solutions
  • Unique 10 year warranty on all roof hatches


leveringQuick lead time and costs saving

Standard in stock products are generally delivered within 2 to 3 business days, but can be express delivered in less than 24 hours. The cost for Gorter access solutions is attractive when considering the quality, durability and the money saved on installation costs.

Gorter dakluik en trap inbouwgereedFully assembled and ready for installation

For a complete, safe, high quality access solution, Gorter can supply a range of fixed and removable ladders and stairs including a scissor stair attic ladder, or removable safety ladder for combination with a roof or floor hatch. Gorter offers a complete solution that is safe, durable, easy to use and very easy to install

Gorter Luiken - voordelen Gorter LuikenWorldwide experience

Gorter is internationally represented and has been in existence since 1928 as a manufacturer of metal doors and windows. In the 1990’s, Gorter began to specialize in access through roof, floor, wall and door spaces, and is now represented in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle east. The Gorter trademark is recognized as a sign of quality throughout the world.

Gorter informatie voor architect - bestekteksten dakluiken, vloerluiken en wandluikenInformation for architects

At Gorter, many of our staff have a background in the construction industry, and as such we understand that as an architect you require an Aesthetically pleasing, safe, convenient, high quality and easy to use product that is easy to specify, purchase and install. At Gorter we supply a product that is practical, safety certified to the latest international and local standards and easy to use and install.

At Gorter, many of our standard products have comprehensive product specifications and drawings available on our website that can be inserted directly into your project specifications or Bill of Quantities. Any custom drawings or specifications as well as professional advice can be obtained by contacting one of our offices. Please visit the Architects Menu for all of our specifications.