With CE ETA-15/0338

TÜV certified according to EN 14975, with label "Baumuster geprüft"

Roof hatch, type RHT7014
Standard opening size: 700 x 1400 mm
Weight: 52 kg
Gorter® - completely assembled with

  • Thermal separated and insulated aluminium construction
  • Counter balancing system for assisted opening and controlled closing
  • Diagonal hand rail to safely enter and leave roof hatch
  • Double sealing for water and weather tightness
  • Fully opened lid engages automatically, with release button
  • Cylinder lock (31 x 70 mm) with 3 keys, in- and outside operation, with 1 point lock

Performance according to CE (ETA-15/0338):

  • Resistance to permanent loads (Eurocode EN 1993-1-1): 1050 kg/m²
  • Insulating value curb (EN-ISO10077-2): U = 0.227 W/(m².K); Rc = 4.41(m².K)/W

  • Insulating value cover (EN-ISO10077-2): U = 0.221 W/(m².K); Rc = 4.52 (m².K)/W

  • Sound reduction (EN-ISO140-3): 27 dB
  • Watertightness (EN 12208): class E 650
  • Resistance to wind load (EN 12210): class E 3000
  • Resistance to snow loads (EN 1991-1-3): 405 kg/m²
  • Impact hard body (EN 356): class P5A
  • Impact soft body (EN 13049): class 5

Standard powder coating:

Powder coated in RAL7047 (outside) and RAL9010 (inside).

Scissor stair, type EI 60

Fire rating classification: EI-60 (EN 1634-01 and EN13501)


  • For structural opening size (W x L x H): 700 x 1200 x 250 mm

Room height: ........ mm, standard 3000 mm.
to be specified from top of floor to bottom of cover.

Option: up to 3500 mm (type Large-H).


  • Material: cast aluminium
  • Size steps: 360 x 140 x 26 mm, anti-skid
  • Step distance: ca. 250 mm depending on room height
  • Horizontal position of steps can be adjusted

Projection while opening:
600 mm (room height 3000 mm)
700 mm (room height 3200 mm)

  • Hook and eye
  • Handrail prepared for padlock to secure retracted stairs
  • Stair guide control system

Extension of scissor stair in plenum (option):

The stair can be extended to bridge the distance between ceiling and roof hatch in cases where it is mounted in a suspended ceiling/plenum