The roof hatches from Gorter® provide safe access to the roof but can also be used in special versions as escape hatches, lifting hatches, or explosion-relief hatches.



Safe Roof Access

The general application of a roof hatch is to obtain safe access to the roof. To do this, you take the elevator to the top floor. Then, through the roof hatch, you get easy access to air handling units, solar panels, roof terraces, or window cleaning installations.



Roof Hatches with Special Features

Did you know that roof hatches, whether in a standard or special version, can be used as:

Discover all roof hatch options and features via the following link.




Even More Practical and Certified Safe:

Roof Hatch in Combination with a Ladder, Scissor Stair, or Fixed Stair

For comprehensive roof access, a Gorter® roof hatch in combination with a ladder, scissor stair, or fixed stair is the ideal choice. These combinations are certified by TÜV Nord and provide a complete solution for safe and user-friendly roof access.


More Information?

Would you like to know more about Gorter® roof hatches? Then contact us or request a quote online. You can find our specification texts and BIM drawings of the roof hatches here.