Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium Roof Hatch?

Gorter supplies access products that comply with Australian and National Standards and are attested by KOMO®. All Gorter products are therefore certified safe for use in all industrial and domestic applications. Many standard and custom sizes are available, and Gorter roof hatches can be conveniently combined with a fixed stair, scissor stair - attic ladder or removable safety ladder. Each and every Gorter product and Gorter combination is safety approved by Aboma.

Besides user safety, Gorter has also considered the place of a product in a construction project. Due to weight restrictions and increased labour costs, the installation of a product can be just as vital as the design process. In many cases, the correct installation requirements can be met simply by correctly choosing the material. For example, in aeronautical applications, and many modern construction projects, aluminium is often the material of choice as steel and stainless steel are almost triple the weight of aluminium.

Aluminium Floor doors and roof hatches

Aluminium is the name given to an alloy of pure aluminium combined with other metals. The same applies to stainless steel which is also a combination of several different metals. The ratio of these metals that are combined with steel or aluminium is what determines its properties, and thus the applications it’s suited to. Maritime aluminium for example is completely different to aeronautical aluminium. When using the right technique and tools, aluminium is just as easily workable as steel or stainless steel, and if done right, the end result is an extremely strong and durable product which doesn’t rust or corrode, and is easily recyclable. This is why aluminium is generally the ideal material choice for Gorter floor and roof hatches.

Of course there are exceptions; due to aluminium’s low melting point when compared to steel or stainless steel, it is not suitable to be used in fire rated products, as the extreme heat created by fire could cause it to melt or buckle. This is why all Gorter fire rated roof, floor, ceiling and wall hatches are manufactured from high quality steel or stainless steel with fire rated insulation and intumescent seals. These hatches are just as safe and easy to operate as their aluminium counterparts and are KOMO® attested.