gorter rated by architects smallGorter Group has been rated by a jury of German architects as one of the 40 most innovative companies in the construction industry. Gorter roof hatches are characterised by their energy efficiency.


Gorter was participating in the German Architects’ Darling Awards for the best product innovation of 2014. There are companies in the industry that follow and copy, and only claim to be innovative, but Gorter really leads the way with proven innovative solutions in the area of access to the roof.


Gorter took part in this competition in order to get the opinion of independent experts on one of its innovations: the thermal break of the Gorter roof hatch! This patented innovation ensures that the roof hatch construction has a unique insulation value of Uw ≤ 0,319 W/(m².K) 


Gorter was very positively rated for the criterion of energy efficiency in particular. The expert jury felt that Gorter differs greatly from its competitors in its approach to energy efficiency.


Organised by Heinze Architekten Media, this contest saw 110 innovative companies register to have their innovations judged.


The assessment was carried out by a specialist jury selected from leading architects and planners.  The group of participants, to which Gorter Group also belongs, is closely judged on its innovative strength and the quality of its product information, among other things.


The rating again confirmed that Gorter roof hatches are unique when it comes to performance, functionality and durability. Gorter provides designers and architects with all the information needed to make integration of the product a success.


Almost all jury members would recommend Gorter!