Scissor Stair Attic Ladder for Certified Access to Machine Rooms and Lift Rooms

liftDesigned and constructed for safe access to lift engine and plant rooms, the extra wide Gorter Scissor Stair Attic Ladder type XL has been developed. The XL scissor stair has been designed to comply with the main clauses of AS1657-1992 and thus satisfies the general intent of the standard which is to provide means of safe access.

Use of the scissor stair is easy and comfortable; the large slip proof horizontal treads provide a strong and stable surface and the dual telescopic handrails ensure there are always strong handholds available. When complemented with a roof hatch, the fixed handrail on the inside lid provides 3 points of contact from floor to roof.

When a Gorter XL Scissor Stair Attic Ladder is combined with a 1500x1000 roof hatch, a complete safe access solution is provided. The roof hatch and scissor stair combination is certified for safety and quality under international and European standards.

Whether it is to provide safe access to a lift engine room, or to provide a convenient means of accessing your roof space or attic, the Gorter Scissor Stair Attic Ladder XL is sure to deliver.

Gorter Scissor Stair Attic Ladder XL in use:

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