gorter hatches expo new zealandGorter Hatches Australasia returns from an incredibly successful trade show – Build NZ in Christchurch. Paul and Dean spent three days exhibiting the high end quality Gorter Products – the aluminium Scissor Stair Large, the RHT7014 Aluminium Roof Hatch, and the new RHTG1015 Glazed Roof Hatch.

They were able to showcase these products which generated a lot of interest, particularly for the glazed roof hatch. Many people commented that they could see where the glazed hatch could be used for their various applications - with a few people even commenting that “it was exactly what they were looking for!”.

The electric scissor stair also left its impression and many of the visitors were fascinated with the graceful movement of the stairs as it retracted up and down. The feedback we had was that they could see that the stairs were a top quality product just by looking at it, and said that it would be the perfect fit for their upcoming residential and commercial projects.

Paul and Dean took many questions from architects, designers and builders, with their own product knowledge being put to the test, and hopefully succeeding at answering them all to everyone’s satisfaction. We were able to hand out hundreds of brochures that can be used as an informative reference point.

In 2011, Christchurch was devastated by a massive earthquake that destroyed many buildings and homes. It is a city that is now slowly awakening from such a terrible disaster and it was heartening to see, that although the devastation is still evident, the city is being brought alive with various construction projects. Gorter Australasia are very proud to be able to contribute and be a part of, the rebuilding of this beautiful city.

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