Glow in the dark handle

The luminous handle of the Gorter roof hatch ensures the emergency exit remains visible

Gorter has introduced a new Grip handle for roof hatches and escape hatches. Its surface coating glows in the dark. In an unexpected lighting failure or malfunction, the handle will produce sufficient light during the time necessary to locate the escape route. 


A patented fluorescent crystal in the coating stores the UV light and releases it later. A short exposure to artificial or natural light is sufficient to make the handle glow for a longer time. This handle is certainly practical and safe. This safety feature does not require any power sources or batteries and in situations where smoke is produced the handle is often more visible than the existing emergency lighting.

 Roof hatch glow in the dark city

Existing roof or escape hatch

If you already have a Gorter roof hatch or escape hatch, you can fit the luminous handle as easily as you would a replacement part. For further information on the handle you can contact one of the Gorter offices.


Roof hatch glow in the dark scissor stairs Glow in the dark handle