The new Gorter® WAEI fire-resistant floor door was tested by Efectis in December 2016 according to European EN 1634-1:2014 standard. The test established that the hinged steel floor door is fire-resistant for 120 minutes and amply meets the required standard.


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Effective fire protection according to EN 1634-1:2014 standard

The 120 minutes of fire resistance is the highest classification for floor doors under the EN 13501-2:2016 classification procedure. The EN 1634-1:2014 fire resistance, flame and smoke tightness control tests were conducted by Efectis Nederland which, as an accredited testing institute, is part of the international Efectis Group, which specialises in testing the fire safety properties of building materials. The tests are designed is such a way that compliance with Australian AS 1530.4-2005 standard is also verified.

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brandwerend vloerluik testFireproof compartmentalization - importance of fire-resistant floor doors

Strict requirements are set by various governments when it comes to the fire-resistance of buildings, the aim being to limit the fire and prevent accidents. It is often stipulated that buildings must be compartmentalised. This means that the building is divided into fire and smoke compartments, each of which must keep the fire inside the compartment for a specific time (30, 45 or 120 minutes). This is achieved by having fire-resistant partitions between the compartments in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. The floor door plays a major role in this separation because it also prevents the fire from spreading to a lower or an upper space.

brandwerend vloerluik dichtSafe to use

The WAEI type hinged floor doors are safe to operate with one hand, allowing the other hand to hold a handrail, ladder or stairs, for example. The counterbalance system helps with opening and slows closing. In addition, the automatic locking mechanism in the open position makes sure the floor door cannot slam closed by accident.



The Gorter WAEI fire-resistant floor door is available in four standard sizes and special sizes up to 1000 x 2000 mm. The steel hatch is EPD treated and powder coated for a long service life.


Combination with ladders and stairs

Depending on the size and application, WA types of floor doors can be combined with a fixed vertical ladder, an extension ladder or a fixed staircase. A scissor stair can be used in some cases.


More information on Gorter fire-resistant floor doors

For more information on Gorter fire-resistant floor doors and Gorter ladders and stairs please visit the website. If you need advice relating to your particular building project or circumstances, feel free to contact one of the Gorter branch offices.