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Gorter Hatches Pty Ltd provides maintenance-free hatch solutions for access through roofs, floors, walls and ceilings. Gorter® was founded in 1928 and has grown into a global organisation with its own production facilities, engineering department and logistics centre. Products such as roof hatches, floor, wall and ceiling doors are manufactured in Gorter’s own factories, where safety, quality, innovation and reliability are paramount.

Roof hatches and floor doors can be supplied on request in materials, models and sizes tailored to your application with products like; fire-resistant hatches, explosion vents & wall hatches, sound-insulating hatches, burglary-resistant hatches, hatches with a double cover and more. 

Our products are manufactured in accordance to ISO9001 and all Gorter roof hatches and combinations are safety tested to the most stringent EN standards and are supplied with a TÜV NORD certificate, Aboma safety mark and KOMO® certificate.

Het laatste nieuws

Nieuw brandwerend vloerluik door Efectis getest conform EN1634-1

Het nieuwe Gorter® brandwerende vloerluik WAEI is in december 2016 door Efectis getest volgens de Europese norm EN 1634-1:2014. In de test is vastgesteld dat het scharnierend stalen vloerluik 120 minuten brandwerend is en bovendien ruimschoots voldoet aan de ...

Gorter RHTG dakluik met driedubbel isolatieglas HR+++

Het succes van het Gorter beglaasde dakluik wordt voortgezet met de introductie van het nieuwe RHTG dakluik voorzien van driedubbel isolatieglas beter bekend als Triple beglazing of Triple glas. Het beglaasde dakluik wordt frequent toegepast als daktoegangsoplossing ...

Gorter brandwerend wandluik succesvol getest volgens EN-norm

Recent is grootste brandwerende wandluik van Gorter, met de afmetingen 800 x 800 mm, getest op de brandwerendheid volgens EN 1634-1:2014. De test welke is uitgevoerd onder ISO 17025 accreditatie is zeer succesvol verlopen, waarbij het wandluik ruimschoots aan de gestelde ...

Latest news

New fire-resistant floor door tested by Efectis to EN1634-1 standard

The new Gorter® WAEI fire-resistant floor door was tested by Efectis in December 2016 according to European EN 1634-1:2014 standard. The test established that the hinged steel floor door is fire-resistant for 120 minutes and amply meets the required...

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Gorter RHTG roof hatch with triple insulating glass HR+++

The success of the Gorter glazed roof hatches continues following the launch of the new RHTG roof hatch fitted with triple insulating glass known as triple glazing. Glazed roof hatches are often used to access roof terraces and roof gardens and, in...

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Gorter fire-resistant wall hatch successfully tested according to EN standard

The fire resistance of Gorter’s largest fire-resistant wall hatch measuring 800 x 800 mm was recently tested according to EN 1634-1:2014. The test carried out under ISO 17025 accreditation was very successful, with the hatch more than meeting the...

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Fast delivery

Gorter access hatches in standard sizes are available from our stock. This means that delivery will usually take between 1 and 5 working days depending on your delivery location. Since Gorter Group has its own engineering department, production facilities and distribution centre, products in bespoke sizes or designs can also be custom made and delivered quickly and precisely.

Roof hatches

Roof Hatch

Gorter roof hatches are unique in having a fully thermally broken construction that is 100% free of thermal bridges. Gorter Hatches as sole supplier has had the insulation value of its roof hatches officially confirmed by EuroSolid.


Gorter roof hatches come with a TÜV NORD certificate, Aboma safety mark and KOMO® certificate. The hatch cover also has a fully windproof double sealing around it, and the RHT roof hatch has a euro cylinder lock. Above a length of 1,501 mm, the Gorter RHT roof hatch even has a three-point lock. The glazed RHTG roof hatch is opened and closed by two powerful and compact electric motors.

What is a Gorter hatch combination

With a Gorter combination, you have a total solution for roof access from the top storey of a building. A Gorter combination consists of a roof hatch with matching scissor stair, ladder or fixed staircase. The roof hatch and accompanying ladder/stair are designed to suit each other completely. The combinations are also TÜV NORD-certified and you can back up your RIE (Risk Analysis and Assessment) with the documentation supplied.

Fixed staircase

The Gorter fixed staircase is made entirely from anodized aluminium. The choice of material and the design give the staircase a very contemporary and modern look.


Depending on the floor height, the Gorter push-up and extension ladders are available with a single, double or triple extension ladder.

Scissor stair

A complete scissor stair consists of a casing and wooden cover underneath. The handrail is supplied separately and is easy to fit.

Floor doors

Floor doors from Gorter Luiken are available in a wide range of versions: with hinged and removable covers, in aluminium or steel, or suitable for upholstering/tiling. With the exception of surface-mounted versions, most floor doors lie flush with the floor surface and can be used inside and out.


Floor doors can be combined with a Gorter stair or ladder. The range of applications is enormous. Floor doors are ideal for providing access to underfloor areas such as tanks, wells, service ducts, other floors, etc. in residential and non-residential buildings. One or two floor door covers are fitted, depending on the dimensions.


Wall and ceiling doors

Wandluiken en plafondluiken

In addition to roof hatches and floor doors, Gorter supplies a complete series of wall and ceiling doors for use in places such as office buildings, hotels, apartment complexes and cleanrooms. The hinged hatches have a practical, clean finish and can be installed in any system wall, stone wall and ceiling. The wall doors provide easy access to service ducts and voids. The wall doors are also available in fire resistant versions for special applications.