Roof hatch with scissor stair

A roof hatch with scissor stair is available in 6 standard combinations, as shown in the top menu. The combinations are ideal for applications where occasional but also frequent access to the roof is required. A retracted scissor stair frees up the space below the roof hatch. Where required, the scissor stairs Large and XL can be extended to bridge a plenum space.

Scissor stair combinations are demonstrably safe

The roof hatch with scissor stair combinations are supplied with TÜV NORD certification according to standard EN 14975 and with the label "Baumuster geprüft" and Aboma safety mark. The reports can be used as supporting documentation in the Risk Inventarization and Evaluation (RIE), mandatory under the Working Conditions Act. Furthermore, all RHT roof hatches are furnished with CE (ETA) certification.

Easy operation

Easy operation

No more than 3 kg of force required

Perfectly adjustable

Perfectly adjustable

Anti-slip treads

Secure grip

Secure grip

Handrail can be fitted on the right or left

3 sizes

Type S+ - 700 x 1000 mm

Type S+ - 700 x 1000 mm

Compact roof access with limited space for smaller spaces. This type of scissor stair cannot be extended to bridge a plenum space.

Type Large - 700 x 1400 mm

Type Large - 700 x 1400 mm

Roof access with larger opening size. Suitable for taking tools and materials onto the roof. Type Large is also available with fire-resistant cover (EI
-60) or with electrical operation.

Type XL - 1000 x 1500 mm

Roof access with large opening size. Suitable for taking tools and materials onto the roof. The scissor stair is certified for access to lift machine rooms.

Extension of the scissor stair for suspended ceilings

A scissor stair extension can be used where the stair box is mounted in the suspended ceiling and there is a plenum space that has to be bridged. The Gorter extension method used gives the scissor stair two or more extra steps, while the angle remains the same. This considerably increases safety because there is no need for hooks or treads installed vertically above one another.

Scissor stair types Large and XL can be extended to bridge the plenum space. This is not possible with type S+. Three versions are available, with a bridging distance of 600, 900 and 1200 mm respectively.

Scissor stair extensionarrow white

Electrical scissor stair with roof hatch RHT7014

The scissor stair type Large is available with electrical operation, enabling automatic deployment and stowing of the scissor stair at the press of a button. The scissor stair is operated using the RF remote control supplied; the system has a built-in safeguarding function which prevents overload or potential entanglement of the stair. See how the electrical scissor stair works by watching the video at the top of this page (1:08).


Electrical operation of the roof hatch

Besides electrical operation of the scissor stair, it is also possible to equip the RHT7014 roof hatch with electrical operation. To achieve this, two powerful type GT35 motors are fitted on both sides of the cover.

Scissor stair EI-60, fire-resistant for 60 minutes

The RHT7014 roof hatch is available with a fire-resistant scissor stair with fire rating class EI-60 (fire resistance according to standard EN 1634-1, KOMO:SKG.0372.0457). The scissor stair cover acts as a fire-resistant seal. For fire safety reasons the roof hatch must be closed after use and kept closed.


Alternative fire-rated roof hatches, fire resistant for 120 minutes

Do you require a higher fire rating? Gorter also provides fully fire-resistant roof hatches with fire rating class EI-120.