Gorter® RHTEI fire-resistant roof hatch

The fire-resistant roof hatch offers practical and safe access to flat roofs and at the same time, in closed state, ensures a fire-resistant seal of the space below. Fire protection of 120 minutes is offered. The fire-resistant roof hatches can be used for flat roofs with a maximum slope of 5°.

Gorter RHTEI roof hatch

Fire-resistant for 120 minutes

The Gorter RHTEI roof hatch is the only one tested according to EN 1634-1 and EN 13501-2 by test institute Efectis. The roof hatch also complies with the Australian standard AS1530-4 and the British standard BS476:PART22.


The roof hatch meets the following specifications:

EI 1: 120 minutes

EI 2: 120 minutes

E: 120 minutes


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Safe one-handed operation

All fire-resistant roof hatches have easy opening features with a counterbalance system and fallback inhibitor. With these features, the roof hatch can always be opened with minimum effort using one hand. To close the cover, the release can also be operated with one hand.


Another safety feature of the roof hatch is Gorter’s characteristic yellow handle. This offers a safe grip when climbing up to and down from the roof.

Easy opening features with a counterbalance system
Roof hatch prevents flames or hot gases

Classification- FIRE STANDARDS explained

The two important parameters for roof hatches are the integrity and thermal insulation. This is not the same as the heat insulation parameter (Rc or Uw) which indicates the heat resistance of the construction. By the way, this is also very high for the fire-resistant roof hatch, with fully thermally insulated construction.


Integrity: E. Indicates how long (in minutes) a separating element, exposed to a fire on one side, prevents flames or hot gases from penetrating to the unexposed side.


Thermal insulation: I. This indicates for how long (in minutes) a separating element prevents the penetration of heat in case of a fire. As a result, the unexposed side cannot ignite and any combustible element in the immediate vicinity of this side cannot ignite either.

Combination with Gorter climbing equipment

The fire-resistant roof hatch can be combined with a Gorter ladder, scissor stair or fixed stair. This ensures a complete and very safe roof access solution.


The roof hatch and climbing equipment are fully coordinated in terms of design. Additionally, the combinations are TÜV NORD-certified, and you can cover your RIE with the included documents.

Fire-resistant roof hatch with fixed stairs

Would you like to know more or receive advice about the fire-resistant hatch solutions?

Contact a Gorter advisor and let him inform you about the roof access options and applicable fire standards. They can also inform you about any climbing equipment to be combined.