Gorter roof hatches with ladders provide practical and safe access to flat roofs for maintenance work as well as access to cooling installations, lift machine rooms, window cleaning installations, solar collectors, and other facilities on rooftops. Roof hatches can be installed on flat roofs with a maximum slope of 30°.


Extension ladder

Depending on the floor height, the Gorter combination of roof hatch and ladder is available with a single, double or triple extension ladder. The Gorter ladder is supplied as standard with suspension brackets for safe storage when the ladder is not in use. This combination is ideal for infrequent use of the roof hatch. For more frequent use, we recommend a roof hatch with scissor stairs or fixed staircase.


New generation Gorter RHT roof hatch

The new generation RHT roof hatches feature an extremely strong and patented construction. Thanks to several modifications, the roof hatch is even more resistant against unexpected extreme loads, both during construction and in general use.


Improved features and functionalities of the indestructible and sustainable RHT roof hatch:

  • Made and Designed in Holland
  • New and improved, patented indestructible construction
  • Trusted, with CE(ETA) certification
  • Fully standardised to metric dimensioning


Fully thermally broken

The Gorter RHT roof hatch has a fully thermally broken curb and cover, and a proven high insulation value. This minimises the chance of condensation forming and guarantees energy cost savings.


Gorter RHT roof hatch with ladder:

  • Roof hatch with fully thermally broken curb and cover
  • Roof hatch safe operation with one hand
  • Safe grip all the way to the roof
  • 10-year warranty on the roof hatch, 1 year on climbing devices

  • Optional electric control of roof hatch
  • High-quality aluminium construction of hatch and ladder
  • Euro cylinder lock with indoor and outdoor operation
  • Burglar- and sound-proof roof hatch
  • Wall brackets and ladder with padlock fixture to prevent unwanted removal of the ladder
  • Fast delivery

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Gorter roof hatch advantages
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