Roof hatch with HR+++ glass - Gorter® translucent roof hatches

Gorter glazed roof hatches with window are ideal for use in buildings or homes where natural daylight is wanted in the rooms below. The roof hatches can be supplied in combination with a Gorter fixed staircase for complete, safe and certified roof access.

All RHTG roof hatches are CodeMark certified for Australia & New Zealand and come with a 10-year warranty as standard.

Gorter roof hatch with glass

For roof terrace, office and home

Roof hatches can be used as escape hatches, but in most situations, they provide a convenient access to roof terraces, cooling installations, lift machine rooms, window cleaning installations, solar collectors, and other facilities on rooftops. Glazed roof hatches can be installed on flat roofs with a maximum slope of 5°.

Gorter roof hatch with glass

Why choose a Gorter glazed roof hatch?


Weather- and wind-proof finish


Self-cleaning glass due to pitch of hatch


Safe operation and grip

Safety glass

HR+++ burglary-resistant safety glass


10-year warranty as standard


Electric control with 2 powerful motors


TÜV NORD certified ladder or stairs


Proven high insulation value
CE (ETA-18/0831)

HR+++ glass

Triple-layer laminated glass

Argon filled, U ≤ 0.500 W/(m².K)

100% UV filtering

Impact and burglary-resistant

Gorter combinations

Gorter roof hatch with glass and stairs

With a Gorter combination, you have a total solution for roof access from the top storey of a building. A Gorter combination for a glazed roof hatch consists of a roof hatch with matching patented and fixed staircase. A combination offers three advantages.

1. The roof hatch and accompanying stair are designed to suit each other completely.

2. Your access to the roof is completely safe with a TÜV NORD certified ladder or stairs.

3. The combination is easy to fit and ensures an excellent solution both inside and out.


Choose a combination:

How the roof hatch with window works

Electric control

Operate the roof hatch at the push of a button or with sensors. All Gorter window roof hatches are supplied with electric controls as standard. When electrically operated the roof hatch is fitted with two powerful electric motors allowing the cover to open and close safely and sturdily whatever the weather conditions. They are operated using the remote control and/or ventilation switch provided.

Safety first with a Gorter glazed roof hatch

Roof hatch with glass
  • The glazed roof hatch is operated by a single press of a button
  • Impact and burglary-resistant glass
  • A diagonal hand rail helps when climbing or descending the stairs
  • Fall protection: keeps the roof hatch closed when you are on the roof
  • Safe, approved and certified

For mounting on insulated or uninsulated roofs in concrete, steel or wood. 

Roof slope to 5°. Read the roof hatch manual first.

Please note! You cannot walk on the glass panel of the glazed roof hatch.


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