Construction company uses Gorter roof hatches

Gorter roof hatches


Gorter has supplied a total of 110 roof hatches and 2 floor doors to the construction project of the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi. This project of $ 490 million is being carried out by a Greek construction company and is designed by architects based in Abu Dhabi.

Square roof hatches

A total of 100 square roof hatches with the dimensions of 800 x 800 mm and 10 roof hatches with the dimensions of 900 x 900 mm have been supplied. With these roof hatches a large variety of roofs can be can be accessed safely. The roof hatches can be operated with one hand. A closed roof hatch provides direct protection against dropping in from the roof. The diagonal handle provides guidance for the entry and exit. These roof hatches can easily be opened with assisted opening and control mechanism. A roof hatch can not close suddenly.

Floor doors with special dimensions

Also two floor doors have been delivered to the construction project. The floor doors have a recessed lid suitable for tiling or carpeting. The floor doors have the dimension of 1800 x 1800 mm and are provided with an opening mechanism. The counterbalance systems offers assistance on opening and provides controlled closing. The floor door is also provided with a guide arm with handle which locks in the open position.