If you want to be sure of a good insulation value, then choose a Gorter roof hatch. In addition to a unique, fully thermally broken construction, the roof hatches have an insulation value of: Uw ≤ 0.319 W/(m².K) as evidenced by EuroSolid. Gorter is the only roof hatch supplier that has had the insulation value officially confirmed by EuroSolid where the performance of the roof hatch has been tested to EN ISO 10077-2 standard.


Patented roof hatch design

The unique insulating properties of the roof hatch are obtained by combining a special design with the right materials. The patented design (Patent no. 2519072) of the thermally broken construction and double sealing around the cover ensure a highly effective thermal barrier. This will ensure that during severe winter conditions, or if the roof hatch is used in very cold regions, no icing or condensation will occur on the inside of the roof hatch.


Roof hatch insulation provides a better indoor environment

Better insulation not only helps reduce heating costs, but also reduces unwanted draughts in the room beneath. The room will feel cosier and you will no longer experience the discomfort of draughts.