With a Gorter roof hatch, you gain safe access to the roof at all times. A roof hatch gives you the option of easy access to the roof through the building. In cases where the building height is restricted, a ladder can, of course, be placed against an outside wall to gain access to the roof. However, if installation is not stable or a lot of materials are brought in, this can create dangerous situations. What is more, the use of a ladder for certain building heights above 10 meters, for example, is not permitted by law. Using a roof hatch is the solution to this.


gorter roof hatch burj khalifaRoof hatch suitable for very high buildings

With their finishing touches and robust construction, Gorter aluminium roof hatches are suitable for use on very high buildings, even in areas with extreme weather conditions. This is why Gorter roof hatches are now installed on the highest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai.


Roof hatch – roof access from the building

Safety is key when accessing the roof. The safest way to the roof in many situations is through a building because use can then be made of the internal stairs or lift. The Gorter roof hatch with ladder or stair combinations also guarantee maximum safety in the final phase of the journey. All Gorter combinations are TÜV NORD, Aboma and KOMO® certified. The RHT roof hatches are CE, (ETA-15/0338) certified.


Selecting a roof hatch combination

If you want roof access that is not always in view, a Gorter roof hatch with ladder or scissor stair provides the perfect solution. A roof hatch with scissor stair when not in use has a beautifully finished ceiling where an electric version of the scissor stair is available for frequent use. Applications where appearance is less important or where the budget is more limited can be provided by the Gorter roof hatch with ladder. With this solution, the ladder can be hung on the wall using the wall mounts supplied. The advantage of both roof hatch combinations is that you will always have the full floor space in the room underneath in any normal situation.


Roof hatch with fixed staircase

If you are looking for a solution to permanent roof access, then you’re making the right choice with these Roof hatches.

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