Custom-size roof hatch - RHT roof hatch in special dimensions

Just like the other RHT roof hatches, the roof hatches in special dimensions have a robust, light-weight construction. They offer a fully thermally separated construction and lid with a proven high insulation value; Uw ≤ 0.319 W/(m².K).


Also with 1 or 2 lids or as hoisting hatch

The custom-size roof hatches, with single or double lid, offer practical and safe access to flat roofs for maintenance work. But they can also be used as material transport or hoisting hatches. The hatches can be used for flat roofs with a maximum slope of 30

Custom size roof hatch

For custom-size roof hatches, the side with the highest upright side is always the hinge side. For the dimensions, the following applies:

    • Special dimensions wider than 1200 mm are supplied with 2 lids as RHTD roof hatch.
    • RHTD roof hatches with two lids are supplied with a two-point locking mechanism with padlock preparation, operated from the inside.
Custom size roof hatch

Custom sizes - with electronic operation

The custom-size roof hatches are available in different versions. For larger roof hatches, it is often practical for the roof hatch to be electronically operated. Dimensions greater than 3000 mm are fitted with electronic controls as standard.

Custom-size hoisting hatch

Custom-size hoisting hatch

Depending on the dimensions, Gorter hoisting hatches have two or more lids. The hatch lids do not have hinges but can be lifted using a crane connected to the lifting lugs. When the lids are removed, a net opening is created in the roof which can be used for transporting materials in or out. The hoisting hatches are only suitable for installation on flat roofs.

Custom-size fire-resistant roof hatch

The Gorter fire-resistant roof hatches can also be supplied in custom sizes. Due to their standards and certifications, these hatches cannot be supplied with two lids. The maximum size of these custom hatches is 900 x 2400 mm.


Gorter RHTEI fire-resistant roof hatch is the only one that was tested by the Efectis testing instituted in accordance with EN 1634-1 and EN 13501-2 and that complies with the classifications EI1, EI2 and E: 120 minutes.

Custom-size fire-resistant roof hatch

More information about custom-size roof hatches

For more information about custom-size roof hatches, please contact your local Gorter branch. Through our quotation tool, you can request an offer for a roof hatch with two lids or a hoisting hatch.