Gorter® WAG glass floor door

A beautiful interior deserves an access solution that offers added value, for example with a special view of a (wine) cellar or souterrain. The Gorter® WAG glass floor door, with its sleek design and black frame, can be used in many interiors. The low-noise electric motors ensure a fully automatic opening and closing, and with the three-layer safety glass, the door is also trafficable and robust.

Floor door with fall-proof glass

Glass with fall protection

The glass plate consists of three-layered security glass with a plastic film. This makes the door completely fall-proof.

Electrical operation of floor door

Electric operation

The floor door is equipped with silent electric design motors and is easy to open and close using a remote control.

Floor door with flush design

Flush design

The WAG floor door seamlessly connects to the floor and is stylishly designed with a black frame.

Bring in more daylight and create a spacious effect

The glass floor door helps bring a lot more daylight into the souterrain or wine cellar. It is also possible to install it between an attic floor and the underlying floor. The transparent connection is very strong, both in terms of load capacity and in aesthetics.

Trafficable and robust

You can safely walk on the glass floor door, giving you a special view of the underlying space. The glass plate consists of three layers of glass laminated with PVB film. This makes the glass much stronger than normal glass, and it is strong enough to stand or walk on. With a maximum load capacity of 750 kg/m2, you can comfortably have several persons walk on the floor door simultaneously. The frame is provided with a robust layer of powder coating.

Maximum safety

Not only with the flat finish of the frame and glass plate has much attention been paid to safety. The glass plate in the floor door is made of hardened and layered safety glass, providing optimum protection against impact, falling and overloading.

The frame is completely flush with the surface of the floor, so there are no annoying protruding objects that you can bump against. Cleaning the floor and glass plate is also practical and safe.

Electric operation

The WAG floor door is equipped with two powerful low-noise electric design motors which are operated with the supplied remote control. The motors are protected against overloading, which means they switch off automatically in case of blockage. This prevents crushing or mechanical damage. The electric operation also means you have both hands free for a good grip on the handrail, keeping you safe.