Scissor stair / attic ladder type Large


TÜV NORD certified


CodeMark certified for Australia & New Zealand

  • Australia CM70087, New Zealand CM70088



  • For structural opening size 700 x 1200 mm
  • Height: 250 mm
  • Material: wood


Ceiling height: ........ mm, (standard up to 3000 mm).

to be specified from top of floor to bottom of cover.


up to 3500 mm (type Large-H).



  • Material: aluminium
  • Size steps: 350 x 140 x 26 mm
  • Adjustable anti-skid steps
  • Distance between rungs: 250 mm


Projection while opening:
Max. 700 mm at ceiling height 3000 mm (type Large)
Max. 950 mm at ceiling height 3500 mm (type Large-H)


  • Hook and eye
  • Handrail prepared for padlock to secure retracted stairs
  • Stair guide control system


plenum_2_stepsExtension of types Large and XL


Safety Approval Report(EN-ISO 14122-3) available

to be specified from ceiling to roof hatch flange or roof deck.
Material: aluminium
Steps are anti-skid
Size steps: 360 x 140 x 26 mm (types Large)
Size steps: 480 x 140 x 26 mm (type XL)
Steps can be horizontally adjusted


More information? Please click Products > Ladders and stairs > Extension of scissor stairs - attic ladder


The Large scissor stair is ideal for use where the space below must remain free when the stair is not in use. The stair cover therefore closes flush with the ceiling.


Suitable for use with roof hatch

The Large scissor stair can be combined with an RHT7014 roof hatch with an opening of 700 x 1,400 mm.


Ceiling height

The standard Large scissor stair is suitable for ceiling heights up to 3,000 mm. The Large-H version can be used with ceiling heights up to 3,500 mm. If the ceiling height is lower than 3,500 mm, the Large and Large-H versions can be shortened by removing one of the intermediate scissor sections and reinstating the bottom element. Small variations in the floor height can be corrected adjusting the telescopic handrail and treads.


Scissor stair extension for plenum

The Large version can be extended by 2, 3 or 4 treads for use in a plenum. 


Construction and safety

The construction of the scissor stair and the material used guarantee a high level of stability and long-term safe usage. The scissor stair has a casing and wooden cover underneath. The handrail is supplied separately and is easy to fit. The scissor stair comes mounted on the cover and is made of high-quality cast aluminium. Gorter ladders are supplied with Aboma Safety Approval, TÜV NORD certificate and ''Baumuster geprüft'' label.


Gorter Large scissor stair:

  • Light and easy to operate with a maximum effort of 3 kg
  • For floor heights up to 3,000 / 3500 mm
  • Shortened by removing sections (for varying floor heights)
  • Adjustable anti-slip treads
  • Handrail can be fitted left or right
  • Fixture for locking with a padlock
  • Includes operating pole
  • With Aboma Safety Approval
  • TÜV NORD certificate (EN14975) and "TÜV NORD Baumuster geprüft" label
  • Fast delivery
  • 1-year warranty on climbing devices