Gorter RHT and RHTEP roof hatches are supplied with a European Technical Assessment (ETA-15/0338 and ETA-18/0287), undisputed confirmation of proven performance, and an associated CE mark.

Evidence-based information in terms of roof hatch performance

With the introduction of ETAs linked to the CE mark, suppliers of manufactured items should issue an official declaration about the performance and key features of the products. In doing so, tests and declarations/certifications from recognised testing institutes should serve as evidence.


The ETA document for Gorter roof hatches

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a document that contains information on the performance of a manufactured product as it relates to the essential features of that product. Gorter roof hatch products are also covered by a European Assessment Document (EAD). The ETA for Gorter roof hatches is issued by the Dutch “Technical Assessment Body”, the SKG-IKOB.


ETA validity

The ETA is valid in all 28 European member states and the states of the European Economic Area, as well as Switzerland and Turkey.


Performance of Gorter roof hatches

Among other things, the ETA document defines the following, in many cases unique, performance and design features of roof hatches:

  • RHT; insulating (EN-ISO10077-2): Uw ≤ 0.32 W/(m².K)
  • RHTEP; insulating (EN-ISO10077-2): Uw ≤ 0.20 W/(m².K)
  • Resistance to permanent loads (Eurocode EN 1993-1-1): 1050 kg/m²
  • Sound insulation (EN-ISO 717-1:2013): 26 dB
  • Watertightness (EN 12208): Class E 650
  • Resistance to wind load (EN 12210): Class E 3000
  • Resistance to snow loads (EN 1991-1-3): 3.97kN/m²
  • Impact hard body (EN 356): Class P5A
  • Impact soft body (EN 13049): Class 5
  • Air permeability (EN 12207): Class 3