A guaranteed safe solution for roof access? All Gorter roof hatches and roof hatch combinations come with a TÜV NORD certificate, Aboma® safety mark and KOMO® certificate. These certifications show that the roof hatches and combinations comply with the strictest EN standards in terms of safety and stand out from their competitors.

Roof hatch TÜV NORD certification

TÜV NORD certification has the “Baumuster geprüft” label and roof hatches and combinations for roof access are certified in compliance with: EN ISO 14122-3: 2002-01, EN 14975: 2007-03, EN 131-1: 2007-08, EN 131-2: 1993-04, EN 131-3: 2010-01.


CE, ETA-15/0338

Gorter RHT roof hatches are supplied with a European Technical Assessment (ETA), undisputed confirmation of proven performance, and an associated CE mark.


Certificate as supporting documentation for RIE

The TÜV NORD certificate can also be used as supporting documentation for the Gorter combinations (roof hatch with fixed staircase, scissor stair or ladder) during the Risk Analysis and Assessment (RIE) inspection which is mandatory under the Dutch Health & Safety Act (Arbo-wet). The TÜV NORD certificate also applies separately to the roof hatch, scissor stair and fixed staircase.