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Looking for safe hatch access for your project or building? Gorter® has been offering reliable hatches for roof, floor, wall, and ceiling access since 1928. Explore the options!

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Roof hatch options

Standaard dakluik RHT

Standard roof hatch RHT

CE (ETA) certified roof hatch with thermally separated construction.

Beglaasd dakluik RHTG

Glazed roof hatch RHTG

CE (ETA) certified roof hatch with HR+++ safety glass.

Fire-resistant roof hatch RHTEI

Fire-resistant roof hatch RHTEI

E: 120 min Efectis certified fire-resistant roof hatch.

Complete solution

Roof Hatch Combinations

With a Gorter TÜV NORD certified combination, you have a complete solution for roof access from the top floor of a building. A combination consists of a roof hatch with the corresponding scissor stairs, ladder, or fixed stairs.

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Fixed stairs

A permanent roof access with a stylish aluminum fixed staircase.

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A ladder is a suitable choice for roof access when needed only occasionally.

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Scissor stairs

A roof access with a scissor stairs is foldable and concealed in the ceiling.

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For your roof, floor, or wall

Gorter® maximum performance

Supplier of roof hatches, floor hatches, ceiling hatches, and wall hatches

With you as an architect, contractor, or user in mind, we develop products that always deliver maximum performance. Whether it's about safety, insulation value, or ease of installation, we offer a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Watch our video showcasing the latest generation of standard roof hatch.

Gorter®, Always on top!

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Ceiling, wall, and floor hatches

Gorter Hatches provides a wide range of floor, wall, and ceiling doors for various applications, from office buildings to cleanrooms. These doors, available in various materials such as aluminum or steel, with hinged or removable covers, are designed for seamless integration into any surface and space.

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