With a Gorter roof hatch, you will have quick and easy access to the roof in order to be able to work with a window-cleaning system/windscreen washer system. The roof hatch is also the perfect solution for gaining access to maintain cooling systems, solar panels and to inspect the roof.


roof hatch window cleaning roofSafe to your window-cleaning system

The safest way to the roof is through a building where you can use the existing lifts and staircases. Buildings fitted with a window-cleaning system are generally high buildings and since use of a loose ladder against the wall is not permitted on buildings more than 10 meters high, access through the building is the most obvious and safest solution. Cage ladders may be another alternative for relatively low buildings.


High buildings - Benefits of roof hatches on the roof

A roof hatch takes up little space and is more cost-effective than a rooftop unit. With a rooftop unit or garret, you will often have to apply for permits for an extra floor or when faced with constraints on the height of the building. No permit is required in many instances to use a roof hatch and no extra height is added to the building.


Roof access - always available

A window-cleaning system will need to be used a number of times a year or perhaps every month. For this reason it is good to have a permanent solution for roof access. The combination of the Gorter roof hatch with a Gorter fixed staircase is the perfect solution here. The wide staircase provides sufficient opportunities for taking materials on to the roof. You would therefore also be able to take other cleaning products up for the window-cleaning system using the stair. The stair is manufactured entirely from anodised aluminium and therefore easy to maintain. The stair is fitted with non-slip steps and solid handrail. The entire combination is TÜV NORD certified according to EN-ISO 14122-3. The TÜV NORD certificate can be used as evidence during the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE) inspection which is obligatory under the Dutch Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. Gorter also has two alternative solutions for accessing the roof. These are also TÜV NORD certified. They are the roof hatch with scissor stair and the roof hatch with safety ladder. Both are a good solution for less frequent use or use when the floor space has to remain fully available in the room underneath.


Safe to your window-cleaning system

With the Gorter roof hatch combinations – including fixed staircase, scissor stair or ladder, you gain safe access to your window-cleaning system on the roof. For further information, contact your local Gorter branch. You can find further information on the Gorter roof hatch via the following links: Safe roof access, Roof garden or green roof access, Roof access for flat roofsRoof access for solar panel maintenanceGorter roof hatch, Roof access hatch, Access to roof terrace, Electric roof hatch, Roof door, Aluminium roof hatch, Roof hatch for renovation