2 Steps XL


The XL scissor stair extension can be used if the stair box is mounted in the suspended ceiling and there is a plenum that has to be bridged. The extension method used gives the stair two or more treads but the slope remains the same. This considerably increases safety because there is no need for hooks or treads installed vertically above each other.



The XL scissor stair extension is intended to be combined with the XL scissor stair. Other uses are not recommended. The construction and the material used guarantee a high level of stability and long-term safe usage.



The extension is available in versions with 2, 3 or 4 treads to span a plenum of 1,200 mm maximum.


Gorter XL scissor stair extensions:

  • With Aboma Safety Approval
  • Dutch patent no. 2000298
  • Adjustable anti-slip treads
  • With suspension brackets for top and bottom attachment
  • Fast delivery
  • 1-year warranty on climbing devices