Gorter liftable hatches are fitted with two or more lids depending on the dimensions. The liftable hatches do not have hinges but can be lifted with a crane by means of the lifting eyes (4 per hatch). When the lids are removed, there is a clearance in the roof through which material can be brought inside. The lifting hatches can be used on flat roofs.



Gorter lifting hatches are available in almost all daylight sizes and can be fitted with a split edge.


Fully thermally separated

The Gorter RHT flat lid lifting hatch is fully thermally separated and has a proven high insulation value; Uw ≤ 0.319 W/(m².K). This minimises the risk of unwanted condensation and saves on energy costs.


Gorter RHT lifting hatch:

  • Custom made

  • Fully thermally separated edge and lid

  • 10-year warranty on the lifting hatch

  • High quality aluminium construction, 3x lighter than steel, strong and corrosion free

  • Burglary and noise resistant

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