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Gorter supplied a school in Perth (Australia) with two RHT7014 type roof hatches.


One roof hatch is to provide access for people and the other for goods.

Each of the supplied roof hatches has a specific function. The roof hatch fitted with a Gorter scissor stairs and plenum extension is used to give people safe access to the roof. Supplied without a ladder or stairs, the other roof hatch is used as a goods hatch.


Gorter roof hatch with scissor stairs combination

Gorter roof hatches with scissor stairs provide practical and safe access to flat roofs for maintenance work or other purposes. The roof hatch can be installed on flat roofs with a maximum slope of 30°. The Large roof hatch with scissor stairs combination supplied for this application offers a broad access (clearance 700 x 1400 mm) to the roof and is suitable for ceiling heights up to 3000/3500 mm. If a larger passage is desired, the type RHT1015 roof hatch, with a 1000 x 1500 mm clearance, can be used. This roof hatch is supplied in conjunction with XL scissor stairs which comes with extra wide treads and is certified for access to lift machine rooms. If you are carrying large amounts of materials to the roof, the broader steps and the larger clearance will certainly make things easier.


Goods hatch or lifting hatch for the roof

All Gorter roof hatches can be used as goods hatches or lifting hatches on flat roofs with a maximum slope of 30°. In addition to the roof hatches in standard dimensions, Gorter also supplies roof hatches in special sizes and roof hatches fitted with a double cover. The latter hatches can prove very useful when moving bulky items, such as machines and furniture.