RHTEP Energy Performance - extremely isolated

With the RHTEP roof hatch, Gorter continues the success of its entirely, thermally separated roof hatches. This roof hatch excels in its insulation value with Uw ≤ 0,198 W/(m².K) for the entire roof hatch construction. Given its extremely high insulation value, the RHTEP roof hatch is the perfect choice for structures for which the emphasis is placed on minimising energy consumption, such as the passive house concept.

Roof hatch with CE, ETA-18/0287
In addition to the RHT roof hatch, the RHTEP roof hatch also has a European Technical Assessment (ETA), giving it an indisputable substantiation of the proven performance and the applied CE marking. This is unique in the roof access segment!

RHTEP Roof hatch
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A roof is only as good as its insulation value

With a Uw ≤ 0,198 W/(m².K), the insulation value is unprecedentedly close to the insulation value of modern roofs. This is unique within the roof hatch product group, where several products by competitors result in the formation of condensation, energy loss, and even icing, partly due to the lack of a thermally separated construction. At Gorter, we are very well aware that the roof hatch is an integral component of many roofs, so it has to contribute to the total insulation.

The total insulation value is important

Increasingly stricter requirements are being set for the insulation value and energy performance of buildings. The insulation value of the building plays an important role in this as well. The total insulation value of the roof is not just determined by the construction and the roofing plates, but also by its components, such as hatches, drains, grates, and skylights.

For roof hatches as well, communication often takes place with the insulation value of a subcomponent, for example the insulation material. However, due to the absence of, for example, a thermal separation, the entire roof hatch construction can have a different and often lower insulation value.

“It’s about the total insulation value; at Gorter, the insulation value Uw ≤ 0,198 W/(m².K) has been determined for the entire roof hatch construction”.

Various Gorter roof hatches
RHTEP roof hatch
RHTEP roof hatch on roof

Why choose a Gorter roof hatch?

With ETA declaration

With ETA declaration

Weather- and wind-proof finish

Weather- and wind-proof finish

Safe operation and grip

Safe operation and grip

10-year warranty as standard

10-year warranty as standard

Optional electric control with 2 powerful motors

Optional electric control with 2 powerful motors

Proven high insulation value CE (ETA-18/0287)

Proven high insulation value
CE (ETA-18/0287)

Calculating the true insulation value of the entire construction

While many suppliers only communicate the insulation value of the insulating materials, Gorter has had the insulation value of the entire roof hatch construction calculated. After all, insulation is determined by all the components and not one individual element. With the entirely thermally separated construction, we can confidently say that our insulation value is the actual insulation value.

Analysis in accordance with ISO 10077-1 and ISO 10077-2

The thermal performance has been officially recorded by the engineering firm, Eurosolid. The numerical analysis was carried out in accordance with ISO 10077-1 and ISO 10077-2, from which the insulation value for the smallest roof hatch RHTEP7014 was determined from the FE analysis. Because the critical components in larger roof hatches comparatively have less of an effect on the total insulation value, the hatches have an even better insulation value.

Insulation value RHTEP Roof hatch

Combine the roof hatch with a ladder, scissor stairs, or a permanent staircase

A total solution for your roof access. Gorter roof hatches can be supplied in combination with a suitable ladder, scissor stair or fixed staircase. With this combination, the dimensions are matched perfectly to each other and maximum safety is guaranteed. 

Most Gorter combinations are TÜV NORD and ABOMA certified. Using the documents supplied, it is easy to meet any requirements set out in statutory safety regulations, such as the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE).

Options – Electric operation and more

In addition to the standard ladders, scissor stairs of fixed staircases, the RHT roof hatches can also be supplied with electric operation. The roof hatch is fitted at the factory with two powerful electric motors. Motors can also be subsequently installed on most roof hatch models. The roof hatches can also be supplied with electric scissor stairs.