The Gorter fire-resistant hinged floor door provides practical and safe access to the areas below and at the same time, when closed, provides a fire-resistant seal for the room above.


Fire rating

The integrity of the fire-resistant steel floor door has been assessed by Efectis according to EN1634, EN13501-2, AS1530-4 and BS 476-22:1987.



EW: 120 minutes

EI1: 30 minutes

EI2: 45 minutes


Standard versions

The Gorter fire-resistant steel floor door is available in 4 standard sizes, plus special sizes up to 1000 x 2000 mm.


Combination with ladders and stairs

Depending on the size and application, WA types of floor doors can be combined with a fixed vertical ladder, an extension ladder or a fixed stair. A scissor stair can be used in some cases.


Gorter fire-resistant hinged floor door:

  • In standard and special sizes
  • Fire class EW-120 and smoke tightness R-180 (KOMO:SKG.0372.0488)
  • Safe to operate with one hand
  • The counter-balance system helps with opening and slows closing
  • Automatic locking in open position and unlocking with one hand
  • 5-year warranty on the floor door
  • Made of KTL-treated (corrosion-resistant) steel
  • Powder-coated in RAL9005 and available in other RAL colours upon request