Are you looking for a safe, permanent solution for accessing the roof to inspect it? Then Gorter provides the solution with a roof hatch combined with a ladder, scissor stair or fixed staircase.


roof hatch roof inspectionAccess for regular roof inspections

Office buildings or industrial premises often have flat roofs. There should be good access to the roof so that regular roof inspections can be easily carried out to prevent leakages and overloading due to rainfall. Wind strength and watertightness among other things are controlled by the roofing felt when inspecting the roof. Water discharges and the condition of the facilities in place during the inspection, however, are also examined.


Repairs and maintenance work on the roof

Repairs to the roof and facilities such as cooling units will also be carried out, in addition to the roof inspection. It is good when doing these to have direct access to the roof. Renting a cherry picker at the last minute is then a thing of the past. Nor do you then need to put a ladder up against the outside wall. When bringing in materials for repairs to the roof, this last option can create hazardous situations. Use of a ladder for certain building heights above 10 meters is also not permitted.


Roof hatch provides access

A roof hatch is permanent roof access which, depending on the ladder and stairs selected, is suitable for regular or very frequent use. Gorter has three options for the ladder and stairs; the portable safety ladder, scissor stair and fixed staircase. Whatever option you choose to access the roof, with Gorter you can be sure that the roof inspection or roof repair can be carried out safely.


For further information on roof hatches for roof inspections and maintenance work, ladders and stairs, you can contact your local Gorter branch or search the following pages:

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