Gorter roof hatches provide complete solutions for access to roof terraces. These combine, the Gorter roof hatch with Gorter scissor stair, ladder or fixed staircase.

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Atmospheric roof terrace

If you want to enjoy your surroundings at their best on an atmospheric roof terrace, the Gorter roof hatch provides an appropriate solution. With the Gorter roof hatch, you’ll have easy access to your roof terrace, access that will be completely out of view when closed. The roof hatch takes up minimal space and there is no longer any need to install a rooftop unit..

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Rooftop unit for roof access - garret

When installing a rooftop unit, or what is referred to as a garret, permits are often needed. The rooftop unit is seen as an extra storey and is not permitted by the local authority in some situations. A rooftop unit can also be costly. The building construction often needs to be adapted to be able to take the extra weight. These adjustments are not necessary for roof terrace access when installing a Gorter roof hatch. The aluminium roof hatch is lightweight and yet extremely durable. Because the building is not higher, no permit is required for installation in most cases.

Burglary-resistant roof terrace access

Both sealed and glazed roof hatches have good burglary-resistant fittings. All roof hatches are of a sturdy construction fully welded from the outside and are fitted with an SKG** cylinder lock. Roof hatches larger than 1,500 mm are fitted as standard with a three-point lock. The glass pane used in the translucent roof hatch is both impact- and burglary-resistant.


Gorter roof hatches provide safe access to a roof terrace

With a Gorter roof hatch, you gain safe access to a roof terrace. Both the Gorter stairs and the roof hatch are fitted with a handrail and handhold so that you will have a safe grip all along the route to the roof terrace. In addition, the roof hatches and combinations are certified safe by the TÜV NORD, KOMO and Aboma certification bodies.


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