Price for roof hatch in less than a minute

price roof hatchIf you want a price for a roof hatch quickly. This can be done in less than a minute. Call Gorter Roof Hatches in the Netherlands on 0224-219860 and you’ll get a quotation for your roof hatch immediately.


Roof hatch price

The price of a roof hatch depends on the format and configuration. Gorter roof hatches can be supplied with scissor stair, ladder or fixed staircase. Roof hatches are also available with a sealed or glazed cover.


If you already know the roof hatch model, configuration and options you want, you can also ask for a quotation by e-mail on or through the request quotation for a roof hatch section on our website.


Price for roof hatch in specific sizes

Gorter roof hatches can also be supplied in specific sizes. Sizes over 1,500 mm with three-point lock and over 2,500 mm with two-point lock are available. The price of a customised roof hatch always needs to be calculated. You can ask for a price for a customised roof hatch by ‘phone or e-mail. Please see the contact menu on the right-hand side of the page.


For further information on the Gorter roof hatch, you can contact your local Gorter branch or search the following pages: Accessing roof to inspect it, roof access for flat roofs, electric roof hatch, Gorter roof hatch, accessing roof window-cleaning equipment, roof garden or green roof access, roof terrace access, roof hatches, ladders and scissor stairs for individuals, aluminium roof hatch, roof doorroof hatch for renovation