Gorter’s roof hatches are eminently suitable for use in renovation projects. The roof hatches are up to three times lighter than comparable steel roof hatches. The adjustments needed to the roof structure are often minimal, or there are none, due to low stress on the roof. The low weight also provides benefits during the installation process. Most RHT roof hatches are easy to lift (with two people) and can be installed on the roof without much equipment.


Fast delivery with matching ladder or stair

All standard roof hatches can be delivered directly from stock and are also available combined with matching Gorter scissor stair, fixed staircase or ladder. This will provide you with a single comprehensive solution for access, which is easy to set up at the floor height you want.


Gorter self-adjusting internal stair

The design of the stylish Gorter aluminium GS50 and GS55 internal stairs is unique. The stairs are completely self-adjusting so that even at different floor heights, the steps are automatically self-levelling parallel to the floor. There are even contractors and building companies that use the Gorter steps as “safe” scaffolding and renovation stairs in different locations. The fixed staircase for accessing the roof is available in two versions; for floor heights of 2,500 - 3,000 mm and 3,000 – 3,370 mm.


Safe roof access for future renovations as well

With a roof hatch you can safely reach the roof without using unsafe or unauthorised wall ladders. This means that simple maintenance and renovation activities can be carried out in future on the roof. Materials can also be taken onto the roof through the roof hatch.


All manually operated roof hatches have assisted opening with a counterbalancing system and controlled closing. With this feature, the roof hatch can always be opened and closed with one hand and minimal effort.


All Gorter aluminium roof hatches are CE (ETA-15/0338) certified. In addition, the roof hatches and combinations are safety tested and are supplied with a TÜV NORD certificate, Aboma safety mark and KOMO® certificate.


Roof hatch also available in a glazed version

Are you looking for a renovation solution because you also want to create more light in the room underneath? Then the Gorter roof hatch with glazed window pane is the perfect solution. RHTG roof hatches are fitted with a monolithic pane of safety glass that not only lets the maximum amount of light through, but is also attractively designed. The glass pane is also impact- and burglary-resistant. HR+++ insulating glass is used to make the environment in the room underneath even more pleasant. The glass is installed under a bleed, which means it is self-cleaning. All glazed roof hatches are fitted as standard with two powerful electric motors operated electrically.


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