If you are about to design or construct a roof garden. Have you already thought about access to the roof? If a roof garden or green roof is being constructed, you will probably be looking for an attractive shape and a solution that is not too dominant for access to the roof. The Gorter roof hatch can provide the right solution here. Gorter roof hatches are available in versions with a glazed - translucent - cover or sealed cover. Because the roof hatches are of a very limited height, they will not disrupt the building’s appearance. It is therefore often not necessary to apply for a permit, in contrast to a rooftop unit. You will have an attractive access point to the roof and will also reduce costs considerably.


roof hatch roof garden

Access to the roof

The Gorter glazed roof hatch gives you the option of also bringing daylight into the room underneath in addition to the roof access function. This may be a solution for a city centre home as well as for an office block with a limited number of windows in the outside wall. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to be able to look out on a sunny sky through your roof hatch and then be able to access the roof garden or green roof? The Gorter glazed roof hatch can be supplied in combination with a Gorter anodised aluminium staircase. With this you will have a complete solution for accessing the green roof. The roof hatch and stairs are TÜV NORD certified and are supplied pre-assembled. The stairs have an automatic search tool for easier installation.


For roof garden and green roof

Whether your roof garden or green roof now contains sedum, flowers, plant containers or is constructed in combination with a roof terrace, a Gorter roof hatch will always provide you with a safe solution for accessing the roof. If you want access to the roof that is not always in view, you can install a Gorter RHT roof hatch combined with scissor stair. When closed, you will then have a flat ceiling and the entire floor space in the room underneath. The scissor stair can also be supplied in an electric version for your convenience.


If you would like more information about the Gorter roof hatch solutions for a roof garden or green roof, contact your Local Gorter branch or search the following pages: Access to roof for inspection, Gorter roof hatch, Accessing roof window-cleaning equipment, Flat roof access, Electric roof hatch, Roof terrace access, Price for roof hatch in less than a minute, Roof access hatchRoof doorAluminium roof hatch, Roof hatch for renovationSafe roof access, Roof access for solar panel maintenance