Access to roof garden or green roof

Are you about to design or install a roof garden? Have you taken the time to consider how to access the roof yet? If you intend to create a green roof or roof garden, you are probably looking for a safe, aesthetically pleasing and practical solution for accessing the roof. The Gorter roof hatch might offer the perfect solution for this.

Safe roof access - for maintenance or simply to enjoy spending time on the roof

Gorter can supply various roof hatch solutions. There is the RHT roof hatch with a closed cover and the RHTG roof hatch, which is fitted with glass, allowing a lot of light to reach the space underneath. All roof hatches can also be supplied together with steps or ladders, providing you with a single installation that guarantees complete and safe roof access.

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Standard roof hatch RHT

CE(ETA)-certified roof hatch with thermally separated construction.

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Glazed roof hatch RHTG

CE(ETA)-certified roof hatch with HR+++ safety glass.

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Access for installation and maintenance of a sedum roof

It would be wise to install a roof hatch before installing a Sedum roof. Choose a roof hatch with a large opening, so that the plants and materials can be easily brought onto the roof. In addition, a roof hatch will make it easy to perform maintenance. A Sedum roof must be inspected regularly, at least twice per year. Any weeds blown onto the roof must be removed, the water drainage system should be checked, and the plants must be fertilised. In extremely dry circumstances, the roof hatch can also be used to bring a water hose to the roof to provide additional water for the sedum.

Glazed roof hatch - Roof access with daylight

The Gorter glazed roof hatch allows your roof hatch to double as a window, allowing daylight to enter the underlying space. This solution may be especially suitable for an inner-city residence but also for an office building with limited glazing in the façade. Just imagine how pleasant it would be for your roof hatch to offer a clear view of the sunny skies as you make your way up and onto your roof garden or green roof. The Gorter glazed roof hatch can be supplied together with Gorter anodised aluminium stairs. Thereby offering you a complete solution for accessing the green roof. The roof hatch and stairs are TÜV NORD certified and are supplied fully assembled.


Making the most of the space on the roof

A roof hatch doesn’t take up much space and can be installed quickly without a permit, unlike a roof shack. If you don’t have much space on the roof, opt for one of the smaller roof hatch options. If you want don’t want your roof access to be a permanently visible feature, opt for a Gorter RHT roof hatch combined with scissor stairs. In closed condition, this will give you a flat and smooth ceiling. It will also give you free use of the floor space in the underlying area. For maximum convenience, an electrically operated version of the scissor stairs can also be supplied.


Impact and burglary resistant

Both the closed and glazed roof hatches offer good burglary prevention features. All roof hatches are of sturdy construction and the RHT roof hatches are fitted with a stainless steel barrel lock.


The glass pane used in the glazed roof hatch is made to be both impact and burglary resistant. The glass itself features a heat-reflecting coating, which helps maintain optimal temperatures in the space underneath your roof garden.