The Gorter OP hinged floor door provides practical and safe access to the areas below. The cover and frame are made of anodised aluminium, and the hatch is suitable for both inside and outside use. The frame is intended to be screwed to the floor surface, using sealing tape and glue as well. Its construction makes the hatch easy to install, and it comes as standard with provision for a padlock.


Versions - impact-resistant

As well as the standard version (OP), a version with impact protection (hinged grating) is also available (OP-S). The impact protection can rotate to a maximum 89° and, if installed correctly, will always close automatically.



Both the OP and OP-S floor doors are available in four standard and other special sizes. Special versions with a double checker-plate cover (OP-D) can also be supplied.


Combination with ladders and stairs

Depending on the size and application, OP floor doors can be combined with a Gorter an extension ladder or a fixed staircase. A scissor stair can be used in some cases.



Hinged floor doors are not recommended in situations subject to dynamic loads.


Gorter hinged, aluminium, recessed, floor door:

  • For inside and outside use
  • In standard and special sizes (1 or 2 covers)
  • Safe to operate with one hand
  • Floor door cover with anti-slip checker plate
  • Gas spring / cover stay, automatic locking in open position
  • Safe handle on inside of the cover
  • 5-year warranty on the floor door
  • High-quality construction