Opening your roof hatch at the push of a button. It’s so easy with the Gorter electric roof hatch. The electrically-operated roof hatches are available with glazed (translucent) and sealed covers.


Roof hatch versions

Glazed Gorter roof hatches are supplied as standard with electric control. Roof hatches with a sealed cover are available with the electric control option. All manually operated roof hatches can also be fitted retrospectively with a GT35 electric control from the 2012 model year onwards.


electric roof hatchElectric control components

The Gorter GT35 system consists of a control module and two powerful electrical motors that are installed on either side of the cover. This is also to control the roof hatch when opening and closing it in poor weather conditions. The cover of the roof hatch can be immobilised in any position you want. The system is available as standard with a compact control panel that is connected to the control module with a signal cable. The control panel is no bigger than 7 x 1 cm and can easily be fastened to the finishing around the roof hatch or on the wall. The system is also available on request with a wireless remote. One option is to connect the system to the emergency power supply for opening and closing the door hatch cover in the event of a power failure.


Controlling the roof hatch with sensors

An electric roof hatch can also be controlled by the extra contacts on the control module with signals from sensors such as a rain sensor, storm detector, wind gauge, fire alarm centre and smoke detector.


Both roof hatch and scissor stair are electrically controlled

If you want to proceed with automating your roof access, the Gorter combination of electric roof hatch with electric scissor stair is a very nice solution. The advantage of this roof access is that the whole combination is completely out of view when not in use. The scissor stair fit flush with the ceiling and you can use the entire floor space in the room underneath.


For further information on roof hatches for roof inspections and maintenance work, ladders and stairs, you can contact your local Gorter branch or search the following pages:

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