Gorter roof hatches

Gorter® has been specialising in roof hatches for over 20 years. In addition to the standard versions, Gorter also supplies glazed, fire resistant, explosion vents and roof hatches in special dimensions. Virtually all roof hatches are available combined with ladder, fixed staircase or scissor stair.


Unique properties and CE mark!

Gorter roof hatches have a unique thermally-insulated construction providing insulating properties that fit in well in many instances with those of modern roofs. The RHT, RHTG and RHTEP aluminium roof hatches are also the only ones on the market certified CE (ETA) and come with a 10-year warranty as standard. The Gorter combinations are also TÜV NORD-certified.

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Why choose a Gorter roof hatch?



Gorter RHT, RHTG and RHTEP roof hatches are supplied with a European Technical Assessment (ETA), undisputed confirmation of proven performance ..

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Quality marks TUV NORD Baumunster geprüft

Quality marks

A guaranteed safe solution for roof access? All Gorter roof hatches and roof hatch combinations come with a TÜV NORD certificate, Aboma® safety ...

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Proven +++ insulation value

Proven +++ insulation value

If you want to be sure of a good insulation value, then choose a Gorter roof hatch. In addition to a unique, fully thermally broken construction, ...

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Innovation and quality

Innovation and quality

Product innovation and product quality are central to Gorter's activities. Where many suppliers follow and copy, Gorter is constantly ...

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Electric control

10 year guarantee

Gorter roof hatches are very economical ... and at Gorter you get even more. The roof hatch has a unique patented, thermally broken construction ...

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Gorter has its own support team for many countries. The Gorter support team in the Netherlands will help you with requests ...

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Roof Hatch

Roof access with the Gorter roof hatch

All Gorter roof hatches have a cover which is completely windproof and has all-round double sealing. The RHT roof hatch comes with a Euro cylinder lock and, in the case of lengths over 1,400 mm, the roof hatch also has three-point locking.


Standard for all roof hatches  

All Gorter roof hatches are fitted as standard with a number of convenient and safety-enhancing fittings. For instance, there are easy opening features with a counterbalancing system and controlled closing. The roof hatch has automatic blocking in an open position and is always safe and easy to use with one hand.

Roof hatches in aluminium or steel

All standard Gorter roof hatches are manufactured from high-grade aluminium. This makes the construction strong, durable and not particularly cumbersome. Aluminium roof hatches are up to three times lighter than comparable steel roof hatches. This makes the hatches easy to lift and they can be installed on the roof without much equipment. The special fire-resistant versions are manufactured from steel based on the characteristics required.

Roof hatch fire rated

The Gorter roof hatch combinations

With a Gorter combination, you have a total solution for roof access from the top storey of a building. A Gorter combination consists of a roof hatch with matching scissor stair, ladder or fixed staircase. The roof hatch and accompanying ladder/stair are designed to suit each other completely. The combinations are also TÜV NORD-certified and you can back up your RIE (Risk Analysis and Assessment) with the documentation supplied.

Gorter dakluik met ladder


Depending on the floor height, the Gorter push-up and extension ladders are available with a single, double or triple extension ladder.

Gorter roof hatch with fixed stairs

Scissor stair

A complete scissor stair consists of a casing and wooden cover underneath. The handrail is supplied separately and is easy to fit.


Fixed staircase

The Gorter fixed staircase is made entirely from anodized aluminium. The choice of material and the design give the staircase a very contemporary and modern look.