Gorter provides you with a safe solution for roof access to a flat roof. The roof access is easy to build into an existing or new roof and this does not destroy the appearance of a building or home. One advantage is also that no extra floor or rooftop unit is needed to access the roof. You save on costs and you do not need to enter into any complex proceedings to obtain a permit.


Roof hatch for access to flat roofMaintenance and inspection of a flat roof

The Gorter roof access and roof door make maintenance and inspection of roofs easy to carry out. The roof hatch is highly resistant to all weather conditions and provides safe access to the roof immediately after opening. Hazardous actions with loose ladders or cherry pickers therefore belong to the past. You can also bring materials such as roofing material easily on to the roof through the roof’s access point.


Complete with ladder or stairs

Gorter’s roof access is a complete solution consisting of a roof hatch with ladder, scissor stair or fixed staircase. What is unique is that these access solutions are fully TUV-certified. This complies with the EN ISO 14122-3 standards: 2002-01, EN 14975: 2007-03, EN 131-1: 2007-08, EN 131-2: 1993-04, EN 131-3: 2010-01. The Gorter combination also has an Aboma safety mark and KOMO certificate. This can be quickly backed up by a statutory risk assessment under the Dutch Health and Safety Act (ARBO). The roof hatches are CE (ETA-15/0338) certified.


Roof access is supplied pre-assembled

The Gorter combinations for roof access are supplied fully pre-assembled and are therefore quick to install. They are manufactured from durable aluminium and with its low weight, they offer many advantages during installation and in daily operation. The aluminium is anodised for extra durability and has an extra powder-coating layer in the roof hatch itself.


Whether you use the Gorter roof hatch for the maintenance and inspection of roofs or access to solar panels, window-cleaning systems or air-conditioning units, you will always have safe, direct access to the roof with Gorter.


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