A Gorter roof door, also referred to as a roof hatch, provides direct access to a flat roof. With a roof door you not only have convenient access to the roof, but you do not need to use a wall ladder either, which often creates dangerous situations. In addition, installation of ladders against the wall is no longer permitted for some roof heights.


Access roof terrace

It is easy to access a roof terrace with a Gorter roof door (roof hatch). This roof hatch is available as a sealed version or with safety glass. The latest version provides the daylight required in a room underneath, thereby creating a vibrant, open atmosphere. All glazed Gorter hoof hatches are equipped with an electric control as standard. Gorter fixed staircase will round off your access to the roof terrace. The fixed staircase is made entirely from anodised aluminium. The choice of material and the design give the staircase a very modern and contemporary look.


Roof door combined with ladder or scissor stair

With the combination of a roof door (roof hatch) including extension ladder or scissor stair, you can create roof access that is not always in view. Th ladder can be stored when not in use by using the two wall mounts supplied. A roof door with scissor stair together with the integrated cover provides an attractive flat finished ceiling when not in use. The scissor stair is available in an electric version for frequent use. The advantage of both combinations is that you will always have the full floor space in the room underneath in any normal situation.


Safety of roof door

All Gorter roof hatches and combinations are safety tested to the most stringent EN standards and are supplied with a CE and TÜV NORD certificate and Aboma safety mark.


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