Gorter Hatches - New Zealand

Gorter Hatches Pty Ltd is a leading provider of upkeep-free hatch solutions, allowing ease of access through roofs, walls, ceilings and floors.

Founded in 1928, Gorter® has developed into an international enterprise, with its own engineering, manufacturing and logistics departments. With solutions including roof hatches, floor doors, ceiling doors and wall access doors produced in Gorter’s own factories, you can rest assured that all products are reliable, safe, high-quality and exceptionally innovative.

All hatches and doors can be tailored to suit your needs, with fully-customisable sizes, models and materials to choose from. Gorter boasts access products such as burglary-resistant hatches, explosion vents, wall hatches, fire-resistant hatches, sound-insulating hatches, double-cover hatches, and much more.

All manufacturing is in accordance with ISO9001, while all Gorter products are tested to strict EN safety standards. All access solutions are supplied with a KOMO® certificate, Aboma safety mark and TÜV NORD certificate.

Fast delivery

Gorter access hatches in standard sizes are available from our stock. This means that delivery will usually take between 1 and 5 working days depending on your delivery location. Since Gorter Group has its own engineering department, production facilities and distribution centre, products in bespoke sizes or designs can also be custom made and delivered quickly and precisely.

Roof hatches

Roof Hatch

Gorter roof hatches are made to withstand extreme weather. All hatches are guaranteed free of thermal bridges and boast optimal insulation value, having received the seal of approval from top European technology company EuroSolid, as their sole supplier. Hatches also include fully windproof double-sealing, and come with a KOMO® certificate, TÜV NORD certificate and Aboma safety mark.

Gorter’s popular RHT roof hatch sports a euro cylinder lock, while hatches longer than 1.501 metres come with a three-point locking system. Gorter’s glazed RHTG roof hatch even opens and closes with the help of two powerful yet compact electric motors.

What is a Gorter hatch combination?

Gorter’s hatch combination provides a complete roof access solution for the top floor of any building. Our combination includes a tailored roof hatch and matching ladder, fixed staircase or innovative scissor-stair. The roof hatch and ladder or stair combination are designed to be fully complementary and harmonious. Gorter’s hatch combinations are TÜV NORD-certified as standard, so you can reconcile your Risk Analysis and Assessment process with the documentation supplied.


Gorter’s extension and push-up ladders are available in single, double or triple extension ladder, depending on the floor height.

Scissor stair

Gorter’s innovative scissor stairs incorporate casing and a stylish wooden cover on the underside. The stair’s handrail comes separately, and is practical and easy to fit.

Fixed staircase

Gorter’s fixed staircases are constructed using anodized aluminium. The unique choice of material and stylish design make for a modern and contemporary statement.

Floor doors

Gorter floor doors come in a wide variety of options, including removable and hinged covers, steel or aluminium constructions, and are also suitable for tiling or upholstering. Most floor doors can lie flush with the ground (with the exception of surface-mounted doors) and are perfect for internal or external use and in residential or non-residential buildings.

Floor doors are ideal for providing access to underground or underfloor areas such as wells, service ducts, tanks, and other floors, to name a few. Depending on the dimensions of your door, one or two floor door covers can be fitted.

Like roof hatches, floor doors are easily combined with Gorter stairs or a ladder. The possibilities and applications are simply endless.


Ceiling and wall doors

Wandluiken en plafondluiken

Gorter supplies a complete series of ceiling and wall doors for use in apartment buildings, offices, cleanrooms and hotels, to name a few suitable applications. All doors feature practical and stylishly hinged hatches which provide a clean finish and can be installed in any ceiling, stone wall and system wall. Wall doors offer easy access to voids and service ducts, are available in fire resistant versions, and are suitable for special applications.