RHT roof hatch combinations with GS55 fixed staircase are suitable for 3000 to 3370 mm floor heights.


Roof access

Roof hatches combined with a fixed staircase are ideal for applications where the roof has to be accessed frequently or where access must be available at all times. Alternative combinations are a roof hatch with scissor stair or ladder.


TÜV NORD certified

The whole RHT roof hatch with GS55 fixed staircase combination is TÜV NORD certified according to EN-ISO 14122-3. The TÜV NORD certificate can be used as evidence during the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE) inspection which is mandatory under the Dutch Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Arbo-wet).


GS55 fixed staircase

The GS55 (Dutch patent no. 2007133) stair is entirely made of anodised aluminium and is supplied with two sturdy handrails and mounting brackets. The stair can be combined with two different roof hatch versions and can also be supplied in combination with Gorter glazed roof hatches.


Roof hatch and stairs supplied pre-assembled for easy installation

The GS55 stair is delivered fully pre-assembled, the treads adjust automatically, and installation is fast and practical. The Gorter roof hatch also comes fully assembled and is tailored to ladders/stairs such as the Gorter fixed staircases.


Gorter RHT roof hatch with GS55 fixed staircase:

  • Roof hatch is CE (ETA-15/0338),TÜV NORD and Aboma certified with fully thermally broken curb and cover
  • Automatic adjustment of treads for easy installation
  • Tilt angle depending on ceiling height 55° - 65°
  • Roof hatch safe operation with one hand
  • Safe grip all the way to the roof
  • 10-year warranty on the roof hatch
  • Roof hatch with optional electric control
  • High-quality aluminium construction of roof hatch and fixed staircase
  • Euro cylinder lock with indoor and outdoor operation
  • Burglar- and sound-proof roof hatch
  • Fast delivery