Gorter® type: EL (single), OL2 (double) or OL3 ( triple) 

Ladder from anodized aluminium with two hooks on top to be hooked over a fixed step to safely enter and leave roof hatch. Hooks can be locked (padlock by others) to prevent ladder from misuse.
After use ladder can be hung in 2 wall suspension brackets. One with padlock hasps (padlock by others).


Room height:
........ mm (max. 7395 mm)
to be specified from floor to top of roof (without insulation and covering), max 7395 mm


depending on length and type from 360 - 490 mm


Distance between rungs:
250 mm




Included in supply:

  • 2 fixed hooks, 1 with padlock hasps
  • 1 step ready for installation
  • 2 suspension brackets, 1 with padlock hasps

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* H = max floor height


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Depending on the floor height, the Gorter push-up and extension ladders are available with a single, double or triple extension ladder. The Gorter ladder is supplied as standard with suspension brackets for safe storage when the ladder is not in use.


Suitable for use with roof hatches and floor doors

The ladder available for a maximum floor height of 7,395 mm is ideal for use in combination with the Gorter roof hatch or floor door. Other applications are also possible.


Construction and safety

The extension ladder is made of anodised aluminium, with two fixed hooks at the top, one of which can be padlocked to prevent the ladder from being moved accidentally during use. The ladder is supplied with an anti-slip tread for installation in or under the ceiling.


The construction of the ladder and the material used guarantee a high level of stability and long-term safe usage. The ladders are supplied with Aboma Safety Approval.


Gorter floor ladder / hook-on ladder / extension ladder:

  • In single, double or three-part versions
  • With Aboma Safety Approval (NEN 2484)
  • Available for floor heights from 2,000 to 7,395 mm
  • Manufactured from anodised aluminium
  • Including anti-slip treads ready for installation
  • Wall brackets and ladder with padlock fixture to prevent unwanted removal of the ladder
  • Fast delivery
  • 1-year warranty on climbing devices